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A Toast To My BFF

Happy Birthday to my BFF, Barbe!

She taught me an awful lot about the computer and Internet back in the day when I needed to learn it quickly. She has been by my side for a lot of adventures, mostly good. We have spent many a day moving, decorating, painting, boxing, planting, and just having a Disney time of it all. We don't get to see much of each other any more since she moved away . . .

We always tried to make a big deal out of birthdays because no one else would. We had blow-out parties on holidays and celebrations through out the years for all kinds of occasions. Great pumpkin parties, Christmas parties, Thanksgivings, and an occasional 4th of July, Easter, and Birthday party. How I miss all the celebrations and friendship. Ah, well . . . We liked looking silly together and having a good time at Disneyland and California Adventure and Disney World and . . .

Here's to us, good friend . . . and those like us . . . Damn few!

Christmas at D-land Nov 2013 099.JPG

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