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Labor Day – Remembering All the Laboring I Have Done

Labor Day is a time to remember all the jobs I’ve had – both volunteer and professionally. A sentimental journey through the resume is sometimes depressing but always worth a look back. I’ve worked in big banks and small community banks so I know how money works. I’ve worked in front offices and back offices. I can file, type, clean-up, analyze, bill, deposit, and answer phones. I know how to work in an office. I’ve worked in retail as a clerk, done inventory, purchased, displayed, and open and closed the establishment. I know how to buy and sell. I’ve worked in theatre (big ones and small ones), professionally and not, as a Managing Director, Production Designer, Sound, Lighting, Costumer, Stage Manager, Producer & Director. I’ve worked in television (local only) and I took classes in Script Supervision for motion pictures. I know how the entertainment industry works. I’ve worked for the Catholic Church in a number of parish positions – paid and otherwise. I know how the God thing works. I’ve been an Event planner, producer, decorator, site manager, Silent Auction manager, cook, bartender, and waitress. I know about Events – large and small. I have taught at all age levels (pre-school to adult seniors , and, by far, the most difficult to satisfy were the adult learners. I know how to teach.

I am currently free-lancing as a Human Resource consultant and in the office of a local auto repair shop. Now I know about vehicles and humans. My catch phrase of “How may I assist?” has had broad strokes.

As Oprah would ask, “But, what do you know for sure?” For sure I know I am able to tackle almost anything. Anything. And make it look good, too.

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