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            Lynne Ann Ingram





What I've Done Professionally

I started working in High School in a doctor's office and worked my way up from weekend receptionist to lab technician to Office Manager for multiple doctors all while attending LMU full time & earning my degree. After college graduation, I went into banking to learn about business & finances. When I left Banking, I went into the non-profit world, professionally, though I had been volunteering for decades. I have always held several jobs & worked on volunteer projects at the same time. 


Work Experience

How May I Be of Assistance?
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

​2013 - present

Mary & Joseph Retreat Center
Receptionist & Ass't Bookstore Manager

2010 - 2014


I started off as a volunteer - mailings and such. The Executive Director asked if I knew anything about retail sales. I did - inventory, pricing, display, and sales. They also needed an evening receptionist. Evenually I was working 35 hours a week (40 hours during the holidays) as an evening and weekend receptionist and working in the Bookstore. I learned the POS inventory system, pricing, and sales. The Bookstore income increased 100% to 150% once the inventory was correct and we got a handle on the sales. I assisted with the buying. It was worth it. As a representitive of the Retreat Center staff, I often introduced groups of all sizes to the Retreat Center. We often spoke at up to 7 to 10 groups a weekend. The groups were from all walks of life and varied demographics. I am no longer intimidated to speak in front of large or small groups, vowed religious or AA. I assisted in preparing reports for the Board of Directors concerning the prosperity of the Bookstore. And I answered to all levels of Retreat Center staff, directors, attendees, and the Daughters of Mary and Joseph, the order of nuns who own the property.


St. John Fisher Catholic Church:
Administrative Assistant

2005 - 2009 


Once again, I was a volunteer Sunday School teacher or catechist. I became certified by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles at the elementary level. At the same time I started working in the parish office and cooking in the rectory on the weekends. Eventually the Director of Religious Education needed an assistant and there I was. I was able to teach all levels, pre-school through middle school as a relief catechist. I enjoyed writing and producing the annual Christmas pageant and one of the summer shows for the parish. I served as an assistant to two other directors, Director of Pastoral Life and Director ofAdult Education. I served on various committees, and assisted with Campaign 21, the new sanctuary and campus remodel project. I answered to all levels of the parish: staff, parishoners, donors, and the external staff of the Archdiocese.


First Coastal Bank:
Backroom Operations Assistant/IRA Specialist

​2001 - 2005


Because I had worked in all facets of Banking Operations, and created some of the Backroom functions needed at a much larger bank, this was a natural step. There was a Customer Service unit: answering phones and customer inquiries. A centralized unit that handled all the government regulations concerning the bank's operations: wire processing, internal audits, safe deposit unclaimed property, and all the Retirement Account reporting.


Founders National Bank: Operations Assistant/ Audit & IRA Specialist

1995 - 2001


​ Founders National Bank was the only African American owned Bank west of the Mississippi during my tenure. They had been a combination of several savings and loan branches and several stand alone banks that had been phased out with the consolidation of the Banking industry in the 1990s. In uniting them under one management team, there were no Centralized Units, procedures, or audit staff. Working closely with the independent audit firm hired by the regulators, I worked as part of a team of two that established operational procedures for Safe Deposit, Retirement Accounts, Recored Retention, and all government regulation reporting. I prepared reports and monthly Board of Director updates. I answered to all levels of management and regulators. I also specialized in the Bank's software concerning staff utilization. 


Security Pacific Nat'l Bank/Bank of America:
various positions

1981 - 1993


I was a graduate of the Management Training program - one of the best in the United States. I was a branch operations supervisor and an offsite ATM supervisor for 7 machines located at various locations throughout the Northrop Grumman, Hughes Aircraft, and Aerospace properties. I transferred to the Glendale Processing Center as a member of a Task Force charged with solving complex, high dollar differences throughout the Southern California area. I also assisted with various centralized operations units - one of the first in the industry. I supervised the Float - High Dollar unit and worked on the automation of historical float between all California banks. With the takeover of Bank of America, I assisted all branches in California through the transition to the operations systems.



A friend of mine that I met while volunteering, asked if I was good at organizing. I am. I helped her with her home office. A friend of hers asked for help with several rooms in her house. We had a wonderful time getting rid of her clutter and making her life better.  No job too big or too small.

Experience With

  • heavy telephone traffic

  • scheduling and calendaring

  • project management

  • bookkeeping

  • basic HR tasks

  • customer service

  • multi-tasking

  • retail sales

  • inventory

  • record keeping & filing

  • training


Specialties in Software

  • Microsoft Office including: Word, Excel,  & Outlook

  • Power Point

  • Publisher

  • Access

  • Quickbooks




2010 - present

2010 - present


Loyola Marymount University - Los Angeles, California

​Bachelor's Degree: Liberal Arts


I was an English major with specialty studies in US History and Theology. I was a member of one of the oldest organizations on campus, The Del Rey Players, serving as Technical Director for two years.


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