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My Social Media Calendar - Committing to Something

Once, a long time ago, I read about committing to social media to assist with a job search. I fell in love with blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. once I was free to spend my spare time the way I wanted - a little more creatively. I taught Social Media to seniors at the library and, of course, learned far more than I was able to convey in a couple of hours twice a week. The more I read, both on-line and in books, the more I have come to love all the media outlets and what they are able to contribute to my creative arts and practices.

This is all just a way of expressing that I have a calendar for my social media practice and I am committing to posting to my blog twice a week for a least a month. I'll see how it goes. I am having trouble committing to anything so this seems like a good place to start. Rock on!

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