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Random Thoughts On A Tuesday Evening

Finally made it to the Glass Pumpkin Patch this year and actually bought something - a beautiful leaf of gold and red. After years of dreaming of these creatures . . . success!

Someday, when I am able to not work seven days a week, I'd like to . . .

Get caught up on all the Star Wars films - don't really remember a whole lot about the ones I saw. It was decades ago and I've made a lot of memories since then.

Not pay attention to the news and media for awhile. They frustrate me so but how else to know what is going on the world and why do I care?

Travel around a bit.

Sleep better and not have nightmares.

Read more. Write more. Take more photos. Create more art. Color.

Try out all the things and really practice all the ideas and philosophies on my Pinterest boards.

Finally be able to produce my social media feeds they way they should be done - on a regular basis.

Grow herbs and vegetables in my kitchen and yard.

Have lots of animals again. I need kindred souls.

Fix everything in the house and yard that need fixing and then enjoy the place.

Decorate for the holidays again.

Listen to all the music I have now. There is magic everywhere if you are able to stop and listen.

Cook and clean and wash and iron and . . . (no really, I enjoy this stuff on occasion)

Go to the movies.

Ah, well . . .

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