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I LOVE all of Social Media

I discovered very late in the wave of the Internet social media. I came to it all very late in life because of my inability to process technology at the speed of light. It still feels like everyone else is running to get on the bus and is getting on and is getting somewhere and I am reading the map. My knowledge of current technology is okay but my use - ??? Fettered by my financial lack of resources.

I love e-mail. I receive a lot of e-mail. I read a lot of e-mail. I begin and end my day with e-mail. I am unable to consume all the information that my Inboxes contain. Just like my junk mail in-basket in my home office, it piles up. I try to empty my junk mail in-basket every six to eight weeks. I try to empty my e-mail Inboxes once a quarter. There are thousands and thousands of e-mails. I love each and every one of them and the information that they impart but, alas, . . . I simply cannot deal with each and every one of them on a daily basis. They are too precious to me to forget or lose. Then a couple of times a week, I scan down the un-read list, look for the really important stuff (where I spent $$) and mark them all as "read". Once or twice a year I clean out all the accounts and try not to miss the empty folders. It is tough. But here is the one thought that on occasion keeps me going: is my life any better or worse for reading or not reading these thousands of greeting and salutations? Maybe. But as with Schrodinger's cat - they are vital and useless all at the same time.

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