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Happy Birthday to My Friend Hazel

Happy Birthday - Hazel!

My friend Hazel lives several thousand miles away and I miss her so.

Today is a ninety-something birthday for her and I know she is celebrating with her friends and family in the cold & snowy North. She has lived most of her life in the warm & sunny South so this is quite a change for her but she has, hopefully, adapted well. The opportunity for her to be close to her family was one well taken. I know Hazel is well looked after and loved.

Hazel is a fancy lady (hence the change in font) but no so anyone would really guess from the outside. She is lovingly kind, a trait I wish I could acquire. She is quiet and at peace with herself and her surroundings. She has led a wonderful life, despite tragedies and loss. I wish her many more days and years of faith and tranquility. She is a great friend and mentor. The photo is from a few years ago when we did some stuff for her great granddaughter. Hazel and Flat Rose: (Happy Birthday!)

Flat Rose & Great-Grandma.JPG

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