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National Night Out in the Neighborhood/International Beer Day

If there was ever a neighborhood that needed a night out it is ours. Most have lived in the same house for several decades and know each others names and faces. Just because we don’t see one another very often or speak at all is of no consequence. Some houses are rentals and we haven’t met yet but there is time.

My grandparents loved to sit out on their front porch at the end of the day and drink a beer and watch the world go by. It was usually very hot during the summer and a breeze would come up and the porch was a perfect place to settle for early evening. When I was little, I couldn’t understand the concept of sitting down and waiting for somebody to walk by. My grandfather always gave me a few sips of whatever he was drinking and it was good and then I could settle down for a few minutes.

If my grandparents were alive there would be no need for a National Night Out. It would be something they would do every night of summer. They already knew the neighbors and spoke with them as they walked by. And I would enjoy joining them even more now that I am older and understand the concept of sitting and watching and relaxing. I think I will try to sit out on my porch more often, watch the neighbors walk by and imbibe just a bit -in honor of the ancestors

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