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Back to School: 25 Things

I love going back to school. I loved school in whatever grade I was in from the very start. I am an only child and there was never anyone to play with growing up so my only friends were at school. During the summer, it was only grandparents and much older cousins. Unless my Girl Scout Troop was camping over the summer, I never got to see anyone remotely my age. Two summers, I went camping on Catalina with the Scouts and they were okay. It was only for a couple of days and really, really close to school starting so it always felt rushed. This Back To School fun makes me a nerd from way back. I still shop for school supplies even though I haven’t been enrolled formally since 1984 (graduate school) – YIKES! I am too old for this. Never! Never! Never!

To celebrate Back to School, here are Twenty Five Things I Love About Back to School: teachers, classrooms, apples, rulers, pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, ABCs, chalk boards, bulletin boards, fall leaves around the edges of both, compass, calculator, notebooks for each subject, dividers for notebooks, blank composition books, a dictionary, a thesarus, a new lunch box, school buses, backpacks, school calendars, playgrounds, gobes, pulldown maps, graph papers, and new friends.

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