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Autumn Preparations

There is so much to do at my house as we prep for the coming season. Like children, we love all seasons equally – NOT! Autumn is really special and pretty and seems to go with the house better than all the rest. The furniture and the décor are bent towards the fall colors. It is time to start putting away the bright, hot colors of summer. Huge containers of linens are switched around. Boxes and boxes of autumnal décor are moved forward for easier access. Boughs of leaves, pinecones, logs, etc. are brought out for building the outside atmosphere. I am purchasing new bales of hay this year and searching out the best squash, gourds, pumpkins, mums, Indian corn, nuts, spices, and other “fresh” décor. Even in my wardrobe it is a time of change. I have seasonal clothes, accessories, & jewelry that I move forward for the “-ber” months – except December and that is a whole different set of stuff for that month. It used to be that I prepared for school and studies. Now I look for the perfect color of leaves & acorns to match the glassware in the breakfronts in the dining room. Way too excited over something as ordinary as fall – NOT.

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