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Saying Au Revoir to Summer

It is difficult to say good –bye to a season that continues to hang on and hang on and hang on. Usually, here on the Left Coast – lower edge, it remains warm – okay, HOT – until long after the autumnal equinox. There have been several years where Halloween has been too hot to party in any costume other than a swim suit. September has also become known as high fire season, especially with a prolonged drought. Late summer, early fall is a time with no coastal eddy, no clouds, no moisture in the atmosphere. A hot wind sometimes blows and the smoke and ash are choking and everywhere. Even the beach becomes small comfort because of the crowds trying to beat the heat. Nevertheless, at our house, we are taking down all the sun & beach décor. We eagerly await that first pumpkin in the market, that hint of a ripe apple on the tree in the orchard, and the first pumpkin spice anything in the kitchen. So long, summer – hopefully.

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