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A Taste of Autumn

I associate each season with my senses, unique to that time of year. For Autumn, the food changes and so my senses of taste and smell are more fully engaged. (So are rest with the colors and textures, sound is marginal). I love apples, bacon, pecans, walnuts, squash of all kinds, pumpkin anything, and chicken and turkey goes a long way. I eat lots of yams, cranberries, raisins, and stews and pies. I like brussel sprouts, green beans, cabbage, carrots, and the entire thanksgiving feast several times over with variations included. Any chance I get to utilize the Autumn harvest foods in my daily cuisine I will take advantage of. And it’s all good – several times over. This year I obtained a collection of recipes for “Fall Baking” and my, my, my how I wish I was good at it or had an oven. I will be able to attempt several of these delicious concoctions within my small toaster counter oven but I miss having a full sized house of heat. Good thing there are no relatives for Thanksgiving anymore – turkeys don’t fit in my house anymore – but I love all the rest. I appreciate the small pieces of cut-up turkey (thighs & legs) – not a white meat person.

And that brings me to tear sheets. Our local library sells used books and magazines on a full time basis. I’ve have managed to obtain the October, November, & December issues of most major magazines for the last several years. I preview each issue and tear out the sheets of décor and recipes that have high holiday appeal. I have recipes for my files for many, many holidays in the future. I don’t think I’m missing any pumpkin recipes developed in the last several decades. Same for turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, pecan pie and cheesecake. I’m have so much it has taken me several weeks to separate them from the rest of mileu of tear sheets. The files are huge. Maybe a cookbook is in the works . . .

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