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Halloween and Los Dios de los Muertos

The biggest issue I am having with this blog is that I plan my calendar of posts six months in advance and I write my posts about three months in advance. I spend one day a month posting and “scheduling” for the coming weeks. I also add the photos during the initial scheduling. This all means that I am working so far ahead that I am living through these posts and holidays so far ahead that it is a blur during the lead-up and execution of the events. As I am writing this we are a full six weeks ahead of Halloween and I have no idea what will be happening in my life at that time. But time & holidays wait for no blog or decorator.

Here’s a quick update from October 25th: My BFF Barbe surprises me every year with her theme for Halloween and this year, she outdid herself in the most outstanding way! Her theme is “When Holidays Collide” and she decorated for both Halloween and Christmas! It is outstanding and a scathing brilliant idea. I have pictures! She has merely to pack up Halloween and re-decorate a couple of trees and she is done for the season – what a lucky pup! Congratulations! So what should be expect for Easter? – Maybe Thanksgiving?

Happy Halloween to all and to all a hauntingly good time!

Have you noticed the beautiful decorations that are themed around the Mexican celebration of Los Dios de los Muertos? The skulls are usually made of sugar and decorated and painted with detailed florals and bright colors that are so pretty. The altars are decorated with all the food and flowers that were favorites of the dead souls that are being honored. Go to a cemetery anytime during the three day festival and view the bright, colorful ways the graves are marked. The belief is that the souls will walk the earth during All Saints and All Souls’ festivals and one should have the favorite foods and music available to greet the souls so they will be happy. (But if they have too good a time wouldn’t they want to stay?). Good food, music, great ambiance – who wouldn’t want to haunt . . . visit.

More photos over the weekend of my house this year.


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