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Organizing and Transformation

Once Upon A Time . . .

My very favorite story growing up was Cinderella. She made the most out of a new pair of shoes and a night off. She cleaned up good. This was what I have always believed would happen to me. My fairy godmother would appear and transform my wonderfulness into something pretty and special. I always loved how the household animals were instantly footman and horses. Her vegetable garden provided transportation. And one glass slipper brought happy ever after. No really - it was the magic and believing in the impossible that got Cinderella her dreams. She transformed her thoughts and beliefs into better things (okay, with a little help from the magical fairy glitter) But if Cinderella had not been a very good person underneath it all, the magic wouldn't have worked.

I believe in magic and hard work. I know that I am able to take a room of chaos and turn it into a functional office that people actually want to work in. I know I am able to take stacks and stacks of papers, bills, files, notes, books, and whatever else and have it all sorted, inventoried, and filed in a speedy amount of time. I know I am able to move several houses worth of furniture and stuff into one house and make it liveable in about a month. I can cook, sew, mop and dust and make it all look pretty at the end of the day. I know I am able to do these things because I do them frequently and as a matter of routine. Been there, done that, and willing to do it again.

And I live happily ever after - after every experience. Try me. I dare you.

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