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My parents believed that seeing was believing. They liked the old Chevrolet slogan "See the USA in your Chevrolet". We took road trips around the US and Canada a lot. We have seen most of the National Parks. I have been in 48 of the 50 states - only missing Minnesota and Wisconsin and I have been in a majority of the Canadian provinces. My mother would only travel where English was the primary language for commerce and transportation. Luckily I was able to assist in the French Canadian province of Quebec, though she loved the romance of Quebec City and Montreal. When I was older and in college, she and my father discovered guided bus tours. They would set off several times a year to a region they had not seen enough of and have a grand time. They went in style on Tauck Tours, staying in the top hotels, seeing first rate destinations, and never having to handle luggage. Just a month after my father passed, Mother and I set off for the Grand New England Tour for fourteen days and grand it was and still is. We took a lot of tours together all over the country. She eventually persuaded my aunt, her sister, and Hazel, Mom's best friend, to take even more tours with her. Those were great days and the travel was easy - not like today. We flew to Hawaii for fourteen days and it seemed like two. We cruised to Alaska for O Canada Day and American Independence Day - celebrations at sea that were memorable. My favorite trips have been to Disney World in Orlando, Florida and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. I like New England a lot and have great memories of Washington D.C. I've learned so much more about history and the people than I ever could just by reading books. I'm no stranger to travel and I would like to start again someday.

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