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Twenty five Things About Summer

Note: This is the first in a series of “Twenty Five Things”. I’ll do seasons, holidays, etc. It has helped my visualize, remember, and generally like what I am writing about all the better. I’m hoping to link a Pinterest board to each “Twenty Five Things”. Wouldn’t that be the bomb?

Summer – hot weather, outside, air conditioning, grass, hot colors all together: magenta, tangerine, gold, cherry red, lime green, turquoise, royal blue – the more the better, seashells, walking at the beach, fruits at the Farmers’ Market, veggies warm from the garden, flags on the 4th of July, fireworks, seagulls, lightening bugs, cicadas to tell the temperature by, crickets at night, wind chimes in the cool breeze, BBQ with family and friends, sitting on a chaise lounge by the pool in the shade drinking something cool, hot dogs and hamburgers off the grill, Beach Boys & surf music, tiki bars, being barefoot from July thru August, several showers a day to stay cool, outdoor art festivals, hurricane globes over candles on the picnic table at night, red & white checked placemats & napkins, potato chips, catamarans, lots of flowers growing in the garden, Perseid meteor showers. (That’s 30 – guess I like summer more than I thought I did!)

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