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Farmers' Market & A Secret Wish

My community is blessed with an excellent Farmers’ Market on Sunday mornings at the local high school. There are fresh vegetables and fruits available as some craft booths, prepared food to go, eggs, meats, several bakeries, and some dried fruits and nuts purveyors. I enjoy attending about once a month. I need only attend once a month because it takes that long to use up all my purchases. I love the seasonality on all of it. The variety is great. The prices are wonderful and noticeably beat the local grocery stores. I also love that the flowers are fresh and last a while. Nothing like fresh flowers in the house.

My secret wish is to have my own gardens. I believe I would like the kind that Meryl Streep had in “It’s Complicated”. Leave it to Nancy Meyers to invent the perfect kitchen garden. I read an article that said it took them days to create the garden on the property they were using as a set. In order to “read” correctly on the screen almost everything had to be ripe and full at the same time. It was small and relatively easy to work in and care for – just lots of planning. I’m not sure I would be able to eat everything that it would be possible to grow in our climate but there are always the neighbors and new recipes to try. A similar size flower plot would be ideal as well. Just another dream. Now small containers are do-able. I am making a list for my local nursery as we speak.

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