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Campfires, A Little Night Music, and Other Summer Nocturnal Activities

Living on the Pacific Rim does have its advantages – warm evenings fit for all kinds of activities. There is nothing like a fire on the beach at night to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. The sounds of the ocean and the roar of the fire are pure and heavenly to sometimes tired minds. It takes all kinds of effort to make these evenings happen and it is not a solitary activity. It is meant to be shared and so I know I will probably never be able to experience it again.

A long standing tradition for our summer evenings was to spend a Saturday in Laguna Beach and stay for the Art Festivals and the Pageant of the Masters. It was so wonderful to drive down Laguna Canyon Road towards the ocean and find the perfect elusive parking spot. Then shop all day, eat al fresco – usually a top notch meal with friends – and then see art live and in person. The Pageant of the Masters brings all kinds of art to life and it is a wonder to behold. I enjoyed the venue and the conditions every year. Some years it was foggy and damp. Some years it was still and very warm. One year we were surrounded by nearby brush fires and flames were visible halfway through the show. I never remember rain. The music, played live by a full orchestra, was the best. We always went with friends old and new and a good time was had by all every year. After my mother passed, we decided to only go one more time and make sure we were done with the experience. We were. But I still miss the day and evening with music and art outdoors.

August evenings are meant for gazing at the nighttime skies and wondering what if. The Persie

de meteor showers fill the heavens with shooting stars for many hours. Living west of the city lights gives the perfect vantage point to view the hundreds to be seen for several nights. There is something to be said for meteor viewing and star gazing. Always makes me think that the ancestors may be peeking down, hopefully, giving two thumbs up.

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