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College Football

I like college football a lot. Although I live in Southern California, I did not attend a university that had a football team (rugby, la crosse, basketball, tennis – yes, but no football) so there is no cheering for “my” team. I have adopted another Catholic university’s team, Notre Dame, and follow them throughout the college football season. I used to have a job that I worked every Saturday afternoons and evenings & therefore couldn’t watch the games on TV. This season, while I still work on Saturdays, I might be able to catch a few more games. I try to keep track of the local teams (here & away) so I know when the locals will be hyped & the watering holes will be full. I have marked my planner as to teams, times, & opponents. Someday I would like to attend a college game. I would really like the full experience – the tailgating, the crowds, the colors, the band, etc. – just like Lorelei & Rory. Just another item for my bucket list, I guess. And I don’t need to salute the long gone bulldog. Go Irish!

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