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Halloween Is On the Way

We have always liked Halloween in our house. We don’t do scary Halloween or horror Halloween. We do cute Halloween. Our ghosts and witches have pleasant expressions and pretty clothes and accessories. We do the complete decorations inside and out with the lights, the effects, the sounds, music, food, etc. Some of our best parties were at Halloween. We also have what we consider “authentic” decorations in terms of spiders and bats. We seem to have an abundance of real ones that make the decorative ones redundant. I have a bat house that is occupied throughout the summer and fall. The spiders are inside and outside and there are a lot of them. In the old days they were harmless and small. Now – not so much. We have Black Widows throughout the territory and several tarantulas have been spotted in neighboring properties. This does not make me happy. Maybe I should get the bats to eat the spiders but it would take a much bigger bat to eat some of our bigger spiders and that is a horrifying thought. But we don’t do scary or horror. And nobody seems terribly disappointed or scarred – especially the “real life” decorations. I start decorating this week. Looking forward to another season of ghosts and goblins – the spiders and bats are already here.

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