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Putting Some Things Away – My Version of When Holidays Collide

What makes this holiday changeover different from some of the others is we remain in the same season but we go directly from one holiday to another on a much bigger scale. Halloween is our second biggest holiday with a large amount of boxes and packing up to do. There have been years that Thanksgiving was happening at another house so it was an easy to take your time and pack up leisurely time. There were several years I went directly from Halloween to Christmas as a surprise for my Thanksgiving guests. I made them decorate the tree before dinner. The tree is quite time consuming and if they wanted to eat they had to help out. Thank goodness everyone was in good spirits and true professionals at tree ornaments. I had them all unpacked and in big baskets under the tree so it was relatively simple and quick. While I finished all the final dinner prep for Thanksgiving dinner, they did the tree and we kicked off the Christmas season with a dinner of thanks. This is the only time, in our holiday protocol, that it is okay to do this. If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner there had better be pilgrims and Indians on that mantle and not a jack o’ lantern in sight. No witches, no ghosts, just turkeys, pilgrims, and more turkeys and more pilgrims. I am a real stickler for equal representation with the Native American population. If there is a pilgrim there had better be an Indian near by – closely. Halloween is a big decorating holiday for us as is Thanksgiving – get busy!

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