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Armistice Day 11/11/1911

I always remember Armistice Day. I think “Downton Abbey” really did it right, when near the end of the second season, the family and the downstairs crew paused in the Great Hall to remember all those fallen and wounded at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh year. Up until the last several years the First World War was kind of a mystery to me and now I know much more. With the 100th commemorations happening it is so much more meaningful to know the facts and understand the situation of all those involved. The British seem to have got it down to the right sentiment. Wonder why the Americans haven’t contributed any great commemorations or sentiments yet. I think we prefer the happier period of the Roaring Twenties and not the sour period of war. My grandparents’ generation fought and died and I guess I would like to know why from an American point of view. Somehow the Hemingway version just isn’t doing it for me. Where is the woman’s point of view? Did I miss something?

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