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20 Things I Love About Easter

Easter heralds in Spring to its fullest extent and thus a new season and a wonderful holiday. I haven't really been engaged in the decorating for some years but I love the spirit of the day just the same. Another time I will write about the religious experience of Easter - and I have had quite a bit - but for now:

1. Bunnies 11. Strawberries with fresh pineapple

2. Daffodils 12. The Color Yellow

3. Decorated Eggs 13. Purple Wisteria

4. Chicks 14. Green Grass - freshly mowed for the egg hung

5. Ducks 15. Butterflies and Bees

6. Beatrix Potter 16. Birdsong

7. Lillies 17. Brunch

8. Cherry Blossoms 18. Baskets

9. Tulips 19. Floppy Bunny Ears

10. Vegetable Gardens 20. New Easter Outfits

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day!

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