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The Many Twists and Turns on My Journey

True to the Irish Blessing of my ancestors, my road has risen to challenge me and send me in another direction. I am in serious job seeking mode. Time and money are my mortal enemies and I am doomed to serve both if I do not escape with full time employment. This is difficult for me but I am determined to cross this mine field with my wits and soul intact.

And so I begin yet again.

I will start using this blog as a way of recording my experiences and escapades. It will also serve to hold me accountable for my intentions. I've got plans in place and have already started accomplishing some of my goals. I have my work cut out for me because I know that finding a job is a full time job. I am getting my Social Media in order to best showcase my Brand. My calendaring is done and I am regularly posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and now, here - The Blog. What appears on all these platforms will only be about me and the Brand that I am crafting which is ME - Lynne Ann Ingram. I have confidence in what I am doing and that this journey will not be in vain.

Wish me luck and the same to you!

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