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Becoming Good At . . .

I thought I knew a lot of skills and had some talent for working in an office and supporting all levels of management and staff. I thought I had a lot of experience working professionally. I know I have been a volunteer for a lot of years and had some very worthwhile experiences - better than a lot of my paid work. But nothing has prepared me for this journey into the world of the job hunt of today.

I started preparing seriously a couple of years ago - learning new computer skills, learning social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest. With that, I started to become acquainted with finding new opportunities for paid work. I need to work - I have bills. Lots of them. I like to work. I need the social interaction and the stimulation. I must be out in the world to live a life. I had no idea how much my skills had deteriorated and sunk to an unacceptable level to me, little else to anyone beyond me. I needed a challenge. And I found one - a big one.

I took on a friend's business with the simple concept of restoring order to the chaos of too much stuff in very little space. It was a grand idea. Soon the work evolved into seeing what was needed to fill a niche just to help out. He needed Human Resource hands on work and development. He needed files created and forms to be filed. He just plain needed front office assistance. This also entailed me learning new software - several times over. It was quite an effort but I made it work.

And now I have the absurd task at becoming an expert in attempting to market myself and my skills to an audience that expects a lot, probably way more that I am able to present coherently. I have to be an expert at everything just to get a resume read. I looked at one employer who required a Masters in Business Administration for an Administrative Assistant's job. I look at job site after job site and I am not qualified for a whole lot of anything. The more I read, the more I just want to crawl away and say "Sorry to have bothered you". But I can't and I won't. I have bills - lots of them.

Someone somewhere is going to hire me because they have a job that I can do & be able to make a contribution to their workplace.

This is the challenge of my life. I believe that the opportunity exists for me and I am going to find it. Tomorrow. Everyday in everyway, I am getting better at it. I have to - I have bills - lots of them. And no other way out.


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